Red Charities and Aid Organisations

Anyone notice the prevalence of the colour RED, representing charitable and aid organisations. Why is RED used?

I believe that the majority of the aid organisations, have been set up to destroy  the lives of Jacob (those who are not Jacob, being collateral damage) via mass vaccination programs, child sacrifice, drug dependence , organ theft, prostitution among other things,  through charitable organisations. Red equals the Roman Kingdom of ESAU in their quest to destroy the chosen Nation of the Most High.

You have a lot of charities such as Comic Relief, The One Foundation, Elton Johns Aids Charity, Bill Gates Foundation and so on, who sponsor, support and roll out vaccination programs, that  have only ever been set up to destroy the immune system.

When you do your research into vaccinations, you’ll see that they contain harmful and deadly ingredients that cause illness, diseases, cancers, skin problems, gastro problems, etc  and  ultimately death. When you look at history of vaccinations, you’ll see that they are not effective against disease at all. Every statistic you see in support of vaccinations programs  is a LIE. Whaleto is a great site if you want more insight and proof. Vaccinations are a hoax.

Vaccinations are deliberately targeted at Jacob, I’m no saying other nations aren’t effected by them too, but when you look at vaccination programs in places like Africa where a large proportion of our brothers and sisters reside, you can see how much easier it is for them to eliminate us ‘in bulk‘ as it were. You’ll also see their incessant need to introduce vaccination programs in poorest places in the world, where in truth, a lot Israelites are based. Bill Gates The Red Amalek is obsessed with destroying Israel (she says as she types on a windows laptop) but you get what I am saying here….

You also have vaccinations programs in the Western World, where parents are made to feel like murderes if they do not allow their children to be injected with deadly viruses as young babies. Ladies, As Hebrew Israelite we are not to allow ourselves or our children to be vaccinated, no matter what. If you are a concerned mother and you are reading this, please do contact me for more information, I am mother who has not vaccinated her child and I can testify that its not needed, and I can also put your mind at rest.

Christian aid type charities are there to push the ‘Pagan agenda’ which is NOT related to the God of the Hebrews, because essentially they do not  teach the truth, their foundation is based on lies  to uphold the Roman Kingdom of Esau. Even Muslim charities, such as the Islamic Relief 2013 uses blatant satanic advertising, which goes to show who they worshiping, namely SATAN.

Blood donor organisations have been set up to locate the TRUE Israelite DNA, since a lot us were scattered (and they need to find us). Notice as well, they NEED to find ALL of us. If the Israelites were ALL BLACK, that wouldn’t be a problem even if we were scattered but we’re not all Black, we are many different colours, from the very  black aborigines through to various browns of the negroes to the ANU tribes of china, to the Cambodians right through to Israelites that look white, or any other colour for that matter. Genetics play a big part and the only way to find us is through taking our blood, or anything from our bodies to identify us! They can do this legitimately through these so – called  benevolent charities using crisis, war, ‘aid’, terrorism, riots  etc… what about STOP and SEARCH policies in the United Kingdom, randomly stopping black boys and taking fingerprints (sweat) and also the policy of taking spittle samples? Starting to add up? Yes I think so.

Below you will see the logos of some of these ‘charitable aid  organisations’ and you’ll see a prevalence of ‘red’. Coincidence? I don’t think so. When you look into, and do your own research, you’ll see what these charities are all about.

16 15 14 13 12 11 10 9 8 7 6 4 3 2 1



Organ Theft 

Stop giving to these Charities!


  1. I cannot believe I have never heard of your blog before, but hey, better late than never. I was vaccinated 3 times in my entire life, when I was a baby, and 2 times when I was a child. Our teachers and parents used to tell us when I was growing up that when we were being vaccinated, that we were infact being injected with germs so that our immune systems can become familiar with them and build a defense against these germs and viruses. That’s what we were always told growing up…….. When I was in secondary school my head master at the time threatened to suspend us if we weren’t vaccinated but thankfully it never materialized

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