Political Parties… Red and Blue … Just some musings…

I had some thoughts the other month about political parties in the United Kingdoms. We have the Labour Party (or New Labour) – that is represented by Red, and then we have the Conservatives, that is represented by the colour Blue.

labour_logo                                                          images

Labour is typically seen as the working class party, the party for the common man, the party that underpins the unions, the party of the people and so on. Notice how this is represented by the colour Red. Then we have the Conservatives, that are actually in power today – well they are in power with the Lib Dems, because they did not win the majority vote, they are typically the party that represent the upper and middle classes, big businesses, and so on – this is only a basic breakdown, its obviously more complicated then this!
I believe that the Red Labour party represents the common man of this ‘world’ which is Esau, the people who have dominion across the world at this present time. Although its all a smokescreen, your average working class man relates to the Labour party.  The polices of the Labour party has deliberately been constructed to appease the common working man, that is why they  have always been able to guarantee a vote from this particular set of people. As long as these people have a job, home, a couple of holidays a year, then they are happy. That sounds like a lot of Israelites as well right?

The Blue Conservative party  was typically set up represent and protect the interests of  the rich, middle classes, and people who are considered the higher echelons of society.  Why has blue been used you may ask and why does this have any Biblical significance? Well these people have the belief that they are and should be the REAL  Royalty. They are still RED Esau/Edomites, but they are  the ones running and organizing the the show (AMALEK) and therefore they believe their  blood is blue….AKA blue-blooded royalty or nobility.

Regardless of any of this, both parties are set up and have the same agenda, I am just showing you the significance of the colours and why they use them. They are both playing the same cards.

Since this is there world and their satanic Kingdom  right now, political parties are merely props in a big stage production, so are the politicians , their policies and their actions. They just don’t want us to know that is a farce, and so one of the ways to keep us enslaved is to have created  ‘party politics’  working class  (Labour) VS rich middle/upper classes (Conservative)  to give us the illusion that we are living in a free and fair democratic society and that we have the choice to vote in the people we want to represent us. .

They have to stay true to their heritage and their promise to destroy  Jacob, hence the usage of the relevant colours, RED and BLUE. Remember folks, nothing is by chance with these people.

Our UK Politicians are some of the worse people  to have ever walked this earth, and do the most  heinous things, yet people still believe that their government made up of these cretins, are there to protect their interests. If you know the Most High, you will naturally detest the way this world is operating. If you are agreement with this government, and call yourself a child of the Most High then you really need to have a full reassessment

As Hebrews Israelites, we should feel no allegiance to any party, or seek to vote, since they’ve been deliberately constructed to keep us away from our God, the Most High.

What are your thoughts?

Blue Blood


  1. Why do we africans seem hated?is there something we don’t know about our heritage?am kenyan but have attracted enemies in our bid for independence from uk(and west)

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