Dangerous Food, Big Brand Names Poisoning the Food Chain

Food is good way to kill off a population of people.  In our modern world, governments use Genetically modified organisms to make food, they also use aspartame, MSG and  Processed SOY , all of which lead to disease, illness and death!
These and many more ingredients in our food are slowly poisoning us, causing health problems, obesity, infertility, early puberty, heart disease, diabetes to name but a few!

Their fast food deliberately targets us as Israelites, we know this, because we see a huge proliferation of fast food outlets in the ghetto’s, hoods, and poor areas than anywhere else. They are literally poisoning us to death with their food, and we’re falling for it, hook, line and sinker! The fast food companies below deal in GMO’s which are 100% harmful to humans, and have actually been proven to harm our DNA.

Where we can, we should be looking at labels and rejecting food that contain any of these harmful substances.

Women should breastfeed their children and reject baby formula as it contains SOY, which is equivalent of giving your baby birth control pills.

Buy organic if possible. If finance is a problem I find it the easier answer to train yourself to eat less. When you do eat, eat food that is good for you, nuts, lentils, clean organic meats, rice, quinoa, cous cous and so on. I’ll be doing special blog on nutrition very soon.

See below for a list of offending companies, and notice the prevalent of the colour RED!

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http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E-IEvjmeR1s&list=PLsSrn-4O_4o0uapK6nylCrZr6J-rjbRMB – McDonalds serving human flesh – a Rabbi (synagoge of satan) speaks.

Have you got any diet related Tips? I’d welcome your contribution.


  1. I really like that phrase hood diet, its very true. They aim these DNA changing pre flood food monstrosities to our people. I forgot to mention places like Subway as well. There are also tons of chinese and indian take-aways in the ghetto, that we should try and stay away from as they use the worse kinds of meat, and also pray demons into our food.
    Have you see that video on youtube about Mcdonalds using human flesh in their burgers? I’ll post the link on here actually.
    I’m going to read your link now. All the best! Thanks for your support.

    1. Yes I heard about that. I used to work at McDonalds as a teenager so I know how unclean their stores are. That fast food is junk! We should not be eating this poison. Yeah put up the link,I’d like to see it.

  2. The food chain has already been polluted.The Jesuit front organisation the illuminati knights of Malta own all the multinational companies including food and seed companies.Nestle Kraft foods Heinz Macdonalds Kfc Walmart Sainsbury Burger king Tesco Monsanto Cargill seed and thousands others.What we eat now does not benefit our bodies because it has been genetically tampered with.This is the technology of the fallen angels discovered by the Knight templars during the crusades started by Pope Callixtus a khazar Jew and tge Venetian bankers.Science and Pharmaceutical is modern day sorcery.and many are ignorant of this.In book of Enoch the fallen angels started Genetics mixing and creating hybrids.This is what scientists started doing with plants and making genetically modified seed after conquering countries and making white people own farms.All these colonists were luciferian freemasons meeting in the masonic lodge.The government agents like Food and drug Administration Usa approves of the food gmo etc.The research on gmos and fastfoods was sponsored by philanthropists billionaires like Jd Rockefellar Carnegie Rothschilds J P Morgan and Jacob Schiff.These Jews operate the Federal Reserve bank the bank of England and all World Central banks for the Black Pope in Rome.After the Jesuits brought their man Adolf Hitler into power in 1933 they needed to develop the Pharmaceutical and United Nations.Pope Pius 12 signed the Reichconcordat with Adolf Hitler a knight of the Sedes Sacronum.Hitler scientists done lots of experiments on genetics mass murder Eugenics poisoning and pharmaceuticals.The Jewish bankers if the Pope sponsored the Nazis.After the war the United Nations a satanic organisation was formed.The food and agriculture organisation FAO UNAID UNDF all regulated agriculture and food.This was during the White colonial era and all land was owned by them.Companies like Cargill and Monsanto were established in many countries.Multinationals like Unilever Heinz Colgate Palmolive Coca Cola Pepsi operated worldwideUN Agenda 21 mass depopulation of third World Countries encouraged by globalists through their corporations.Rich countries dont realise they had to create big fast food companies to destroy the people.Mcdonalds Kfc Pizza hut Burger King started operating and thousands other and the obesity rates are high in Usa Mexico Europe.Heart attacks kill millions and this was the Globalists agenda.Some meat used in burgers is not to be trusted.Abortions are.legalised in these countries.These satanic globalists cannot be trusted.People had been eating horsemeat in Uk unknowingly.The government agences knew about it.Now every product has lots if sugar salt msg and additives.In Uk Usa Australia Europe there is megasupermarkets like Walmart Tesco Sainsbury lidl selling ready made meals witb unknown ingredients.People eat rubbish cakes sweets fizzy drinks buiscuits burgers frozen foods instead of fruits vegetables fish and other healthy foods.The Globalists have put inflation in 3rd world countries for people not to afford food for they have healthy food.Using the media tgey promote Mcdonalds coca cola Burger king Kraft chocolates and people consume them especialy on tge cekebration of Spring solstice of mother goddess Easter Cadbury easter eggs and winter solstice Saturnalia ie Christmas over indulgence in food.Type 2 diabetes and cancer caused by foods is killing people.We need to stick to the laws in leviticus for us not to get sick.Peace to you all

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