The Baphomet and Gynecomastia – Whats the Link?

Its only been the past 6/7 years where there been an epidemic of gynecomastia, AKA man boobs rising in great proportions. We know now its not caused by overeating. There are men, teenage boys and children suffering from gynecomastia that are a perfectly normal weight yet still suffer from this.

Studies have proven that gynecomastia is caused by certain compounds of chemicals in various foods and products that mimic estrogen, the female hormone. These compounds can be found in BPA’s found in plastic, Processed Soy – found in a high percentage of processed foods , and in formula milk feed to baby boys and *girls* (hence the reason why girls as young as 6 are developing breasts). Also the residue of birth control pills in the water system, and this is
just the tip of the iceberg…..

All of this is factual and can be readily found on mainstream news and health websites. So whats the Baphomet connection?

I believe its related to the elite worship of the Baphomet and to further the elite agenda. It’s common knowledge that Hollywood, the music industry, the pharmaceutical industry and other interconnected entities and corporations worship the Baphomet, AKA the devil/the serpent/the deceiver/masonic order – Famous people like Kanye, Lady Gaga, Kylie, Beyonce, Bush, Obama openly salute the Baphomet, by their clothing, backdrops to their videos, handsigns , statues, jewelry and so on…

For anyone interested, and after you’ve researched the worship of the Baphomet (it encompasses all areas of life) – keep that in mind and then take a look at the Baphomet representation.

As you can see the Baphomet is a man with a goats head, but with womens breasts. They know that the majority of us would never knowingly worship him directly, so they make us worship him indirectly via music which is the obvious one, but also through other channels, one of those is the morphing of men into his likeness, that is the development of Gynecomastia.


I’m not going to make this into a long one, but think about this,  how many pictures do you see with guys, chests openly showing, man breasts on show, doing a two finger sign (which they mistakenly believe is a peace sign when in fact its an ancient masonic sign that pledges allegiance to Satan) alongside a myriad of  tattoos on their forearms.

He also has Solve et Coagula written on his forearms which is Latin for Solution and Coagulation. This means that something is broken down into it’s smallest components to produce the solution, the solution is then cleansed of any impurities, and then reassembled (coagulation) into a more useful substance. So you could say that this is happening with Men today where they have being broken down and re-engineered to suit the elite agenda.

Hebrew Israelites need to be careful what they eat and drink. Man boobs is becoming rife among us, from all walks of life.


Google Search 
The Baphomet and The Music Industry
The Baphomet, Freemasonary, and the Elite
BPA plastics and Gynecomastia,
Soy and Estrogen Production – Detriments to Mens Health, Formula Milk and Soy – Birth control pills,
Gynecomastia and Soy.


    1. No problem sis. I think you have a pretty cool blog with some useful information. I consider it a honor to be the first to comment on it. I wish you much success in the blogosphere

  1. The Baphomet is a holographic projection. The thing is Lucifer. I’ve fought it. Through command, I forced it to shape-shift into a rat. If I encounter it again, I’ll eat it.

    Drake Monroe
    Amhainseacht of Clan Munro

  2. Gynecomastia is a condition of low testosterone serum-levels in males.. and its not intentional. 100 out of 100 men and boys would consider it disgusting and a vast embarrassment.. even to themselves. Needless to say.. they don’t like it. Many men have surgery to reduce it. I cannot imagine any man (or boy) desiring to have this condition. Not for Baphomet or anything else. Stupid notion @ best. And I am quite well-read in Gods Word.. Illuminati.. Elite.. Zionist-“Jews” and counterfeit state of “Israel”.. US government conspiracies.. Monsanto, fluoridated water.. all US grown wheat drenched w Round Up a week prior to harvest.. Bush family being Luciferian satan worshipers.. Bush Sr a homosexual-pedophile and Jr too… Barbara Bush fathered by Aleister Crowley… and the list goes on and on and on.

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