Thursday Morning Musings ~ Spot the Israelite

I had to get up extra early in today, as I’m travelling to Leicester.
Whenever you want see an Israelite, make sure you are really early, because it mostly be Israelites you’ll see walking the streets of every Town and City, either leaving, or going to their cleaning or maintenance jobs. It will be Israelite men and women  on buses coming home from their night jobs,  it’ will be Israelites cleaning the streets from the night before. This is part of our curse, and for the most part we’ve accepted this  as a way of life.
I’ve cleaned the toilets for large corporate companies in the past, because I needed the money, I don’t ever recall thinking this isn’t fair, and  that was before I came into the truth.. I think I can say the same for other Hebrew Israelites?
Now that I am in truth and now that I know who I am, I look back and think, well I’m glad I needed to work like that, I’m glad that I am part of the curse , because I know that it means that I am  part of the promise too. All the work I do now and in the future takes on a new meaning now that I know what the future holds if I endure to the end. This morning I will pray for our people who are having to carry out the worse jobs in society yet do so with a bright countenance and a cheerful spirit. May the most high Ahaya bless them, keep them and lead them to the true. AMEN.

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