Iconic Images of the fake ‘Jesus’ doing Satanic Masonic hand signs

When you are flashing your hand signs please aware that in most cases, it’ll be masonic handsign that you are flashing. The typical ‘peace’ sign  using two fingers is not a peace sign at all, but it is the sign representing your allegiance to Satan, the one world government and its fight against Jacob’s Seed.

Below you will see some Iconic Images of what the world knows as ‘Jesus’. In every image below, this ‘Jesus’ is flashing a Masonic Handsign, which means he is pledging allegiance to Satan. So, even if ‘Jesus’ looked like this, why would he be acknowledging and bowing down to the adversary? 

sacredheartjesus christthelord christourlord jesuschrist jesus10 jesus5 jesus-christ-son-god-jesus.jpg.w560h420 christ-at-the-mount-of-olives resurrection-of-christ jesus-christ.jpg.w560h420 jesus8

Stop pledging your allegiance to Demons – http://www.whale.to/b/v_s.html



  1. Since coming into the knowledge of being a Hebrew Israelite I have nothing but the utmost hatred for that image

    1. The two fingers are not the peace sign they represent his two natures and the whole hand itself is a
      Blessing to all who accept and love God

  2. THE JESUITS NEW WORLD ORDER What you need to understand is that the SOCIETY OF JESUS OR JESUITS are behind the New World Order and rule every country leader through Vatican Papal Knighthoods like knights of Malta Knights of Columbus Knights of St John if Jerusalem knights of Sedes Sacronum etx.The Black Pope is World Leader since tbeir institution in 1814.The ILLUMINATI is a deception to put the blame of Khazar Jews who are also Popes knights and freemasons.In 14th xentury the Spanish Alumbrados was formed by the real roman power families BORGIA COLLONA ALDOBRADINI FARNESE ORSINI BREAKSPEAR CHIGI MEDICI fanilies.Lis Alumbrados means Enlightebed Ones in Spanish.The Pope suppressed them and in 1500 during Pope Alexandar v1 rule a member of the Roman Farnese fanily the Jesuits were formed.Noble fanilies Borgia and Medici banking family sponsored the Jesuits.Pope Alezanda Farnese issued the papal bull Regimi Militia Ecclessiae for the institution of the Jesuits as the Military side if the Vatican Roman Catholic Church.This was a move for this Apostate Church to carry out the ancient plan started by Nimrod aka Saturn.Nimrod was known as Zeus to the Greeks and Jupiter to the Romans.Zeus or Iesous Iesus Aaay Zous became the name Jesus instead of Yashayah.This was to hide the mixing of Religion and Politics initiated by Emperor Constantine in 325AD who destroyed the hebrew laws statues and commandments.This is the start of the Holy Roman Empire which rules today.In 1500 a Catholic Priest started the Jesuit order after wars in Europe the tbirty years war the war if the league of Cambrai the war of the guelph abd ghibellines.Ever since the 7 century there were two churches the western Roman Catbolic Church and the Eastern Orthodox Church.These became enemies and had different dictrines.Since Christianity started in the east where the Orthodox Church is Jesus and the dusciples were BLACKsee book RUSSIAN ICONS.Ecen today in Macedonia Russia Armenia Poland Czech etc he is black in their churches.In the 2nd century the Pope commisioned a coin with a black Jesus with woolly hair on in side and white Jesus on the flipside.In the 10 Century Pope Micah started the depiction of Jesus as Zeus.So Jesus us a false name but Zeus Baal Osiris Nimrod Satan hidden.In 1500 Caesar Borgia was painted as Jesus hence all this pictures you have.During the Renaissance after the Italian wars a homosexual Leonardo Da Vinci painted Caesar Virgia son of Pope as Jesus.There is Occult hidden meanings in these pai.tings.You can see the sun behind Jesus because Jesus Iesous is the SUNGOD hence SUN DAY WORSHIP.Nimrod was the Sun god Baal so CHRISTIANS worship Nimrod the Sungod the first ANTICHRIST HENCE CHRISTIANITY IS ANTICHRIST.Nimrod was deified because he gave knowledge to the Sumerians and Babylonians feom the falken gods who operated in Ancient Egypt and lived in Atlantis Genesis 6.The CROSS is a symbol of Nimrod reincarnated as TAMMUZ.The red cross is a symbol of the Pope Urban 2 who called for the war on the muslims in Jerusalem.It is a symbol if the knights tenplars who found ancient knowledge passed on from the Fallen gods in babylin Iraq Egypt and Solomon temple in Jerusalem.This is the reason why the templars became Occultists and masons.A genius fallen god named THOTH OR HERMES TRISMEGISTIS taught the Anciebt Egyptians of KHEM Mathmatics Writing Poetry Alchemy Astronomy geology metallurgy etc.In babylon Oannes who was half fish DAGON taught men the same.So the fallen gods were worshipped eversince.After the flood Nimrod formed a counterfeit religion and was naned CHRIST meaning anointed good one.His priesthood moved to Pergamos during the greek empire.King Attalid gave his kingdom to the Roman empire and the Babylonian priesthood moved to Rome or Saturnia with all the secrets from the Annunaki .Hence we see the edomites carrying it forward.Freemasonry started by THOTH in Mystery schooks if KHEMET EGYPT.All the Masons hand gestures and symbol are in the Egyptians hieroglyohics.Black hamitic people started Freemasonry under Thoths mystery schools.Alexander the great Ptolemy were all masons during Greek enoire.Julius Caesar was an initiate of mystery schools etc.CONTINUED

  3. The IX XC hand gesture is not a symbol of the baphomet this is mainly used by Yeshua representing Christ. The others I am aware are paintings of “fake” Jesus

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