More Red Organisations Committed to Fighting Against The Children of The Promise

Sony Records

Notice the Red Brush Stroke, signifying a few things

1) Blood – Signing your name in blood to pledge allegiance to Satan

2) Sacrifice – Sacrificing a someone you love to make it big in the industry

3) Red –  The colour of beast

4) Red – representing the Roman Kingdom (Esau)


Religious Institutions

Specifically set up to hide the truth from the children of Israel. 

Encouraging the Real Hebrews to go against the Laws of the Most High Ahaya

the_salvation_army_crest methodist_logo Alpha-Logo-New methodist_logo (1) logo1 acc-logo(500x500) sacred heart of jesus Diocese of Europe Logo 4953799680_0de587b130_z


  1. which is why I hardly ever go to church anymore but sadly, a lot of our people are so bent and enslaved to the church beast system

    1. Yes they are. Its out job though to wake them up as much as we can by showing them the bible and telling them who they are according to scripture. We gotta pray for Israel and for the Most High to have mercy on our people. There are lots of genuine christians out there who love the Most High, they just need the extra nudge.

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