Police to be given temporary powers to seize passports



The bible is Hate Speech according to the heathens so by that logic , our passports can be confiscated. Watch this space. They know who were are and this ISIS scenario has been created to further keep Israel in their respective places in preparation for their destruction. It is time to flee from your respective areas and head for the East.

if you live in america, its especially essential to leave as the the Most High commands you to FLEE BABYLON.

We must be pilgrims. The West is about to locked down, in preparation to destroy EVERYONE but in particularly, those of the chosen seed, the Hebrew Israelites.

Police to be given temporary powers to seize passport

The Prime Minister has laid a series of measures to try and increase national security.

David Cameron told MPs in the Commons it was “abhorrent” that British citizens who pledge allegiance elsewhere were able to return to the UK and pose a threat to our security.

New powers will be introduced to bolster terrorism prevention and investigation measures (Tpims), including “stronger locational constraints”, he said.

Mr Cameron said: “Adhering to British values is not an option or a choice. It is a duty for all those who live in these islands so we will stand up for our values, we will in the end defeat this extremism and we will secure our way of life for generations to come.”

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