Red Charities and Aid Organisations


Anyone notice the prevalence of the colour RED, representing charitable and aid organisations. Why is RED used?

I believe that the majority of the aid organisations, have been set up to destroy  the lives of Jacob (those who are not Jacob, being collateral damage) via mass vaccination programs, child sacrifice, drug dependence , organ theft, prostitution among other things,  through charitable organisations. Red equals the Roman Kingdom of ESAU in their quest to destroy the chosen Nation of the Most High.

You have a lot of charities such as Comic Relief, The One Foundation, Elton Johns Aids Charity, Bill Gates Foundation and so on, who sponsor, support and roll out vaccination programs, that  have only ever been set up to destroy the immune system.

When you do your research into vaccinations, you’ll see that they contain harmful and deadly ingredients that cause illness, diseases, cancers, skin problems, gastro problems, etc…

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  1. Well one way to destroy people is to create problems for them and then rescue those left after exterminating a target amount.The Red cross was started by the catholic christian Knight templars on their conquest to control Jerusalem from the muslims.The knights templars were the soldiers of the catholic church from 11th century to 14th century.The french or franks fought battles to control Jerusal em.They were looking for the holy grail and solomons treasures etc They built the first hospital on island of Rhodes.They were then called knight hospitaliers joined by english german knights.They started modern banking and owned vast amounts of land in europe and money.They were disbanded by Pope and king louis of france and accused of sodomy spitting on cross worshipping baphomet etc.The Red cross became a big organisation under the Jesuits of rome.Other organisations oxfam WHO UN bill gates foundation rockefeller comic relief etc emerged under knights of malta.These are cover up because they pretend to go to an area to help and inject people with viruses bio weapons.The edomites Jesuit order or society of jesus rules the world from Rome.The Jesuits control industry banking kings leaders pharmaceticals military media education through knight orders knights of malta knight of st john of jerusalem knights of columbus usa.Every country central bank is controlled by Rothschilds Rockefeller Warburgs etc to hide the Jesuits.All these are under vatican knights of malta.The owners of all businesses worldwde and political leaders under knights of malta.America was discovered by Jesuits and is ruled by jesuit black pope hence statue of liberty babylon and new rome washington Dc.The american senate roman system republican vs democratic.They preach babylonian Christianity but practise occult freemasonry satanism roscucrucianism .Esau will hate Jacob.The remnant of israelites in west southern africa are going through economic embargo poverty political collapse wars Jacob trouble.Bill gates knight of malta spend billions on vaccines.All leaders in Africa with usraelites have leaders trained at jesuit universtities and are all freemasons under knights of malta .

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