Vaccines are Unclean

From March 2014.


Brothers and Sisters in the Truth,  we are in a war and we are to be soldiers for the Most High.

I did not get my child vaccinated but came across battles to prevent this from happening. You would think that the powers that be would leave you deal with your child the best you know how, but they don’t.

You must stand firm, and tell them that you do not want to vaccinate your child because it contains poisons that can harm your child. Do your research! Ask your doctor (MD) to break down what is in the vaccines, and that’s where you show them why its harmful. They will try to tell you that they won’t be harmed and that you are putting your child in danger by not vaccinating.  They are lying. Stand firm.

Vaccines are UNCLEAN 

Gelatin – From Swine
Human Serum Albumin – From Human…

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