1. Everyone in America is wrong.and.just saying eceryone in Africai is HAMITE.You were called African American but you are negroes black israelites.Its better to research sometimes before concluding without proof.There is lots of israelites in west central and southern africa.Some blacks in usa are now making a hate campaign to.everyone who lives in Africa.Even up to now the israelites in Africa still suffer oppression and economic abd political degredation from edomites Europe usa canada Australia.Africa is the land of ham cush put mizraim that is ethiopia libya and egypt.The israelites moved to west africa and migrated further central and southern .The BANTU CONGO PEOPLE ARE HEBREW ISRAELITES.They have not mixed with any race and marry from their respective tribes.These people live a civilised life and are highly educated than israelites in america carribean.The fisrt DNA test of Rameses king of Egypt an israelite was matched with dna of. Lemba tribe in Zimbabwe it matched ydna E1b1a.The blacks of USA Carribean South America dna E1b1a matches exactly with that of BANTU Tribes of West central southern Africa.YDNA haplogroup E1b1a is passed from father to son.In USA israelites have married edomites japheth etc and there is lots of mixed race not israelites if their father is white.The HAMITIC AFRICANS DNA is E1b1b in countries north.east central africaNamibia Botswana Egypt libya ethiopia somalia Sudan Algeria Chad Morroco Western Sahara Tunisia Niger part of kenya part of tanzania part of south africa Khoisan people are hamitic but zulu basuthu xhosa are israelites who adopted the langauge of Khoisan.Isrraelite are found in slave trade and conquered countries South of Nigeria guinea sierra leone liberia ghana cameroon congo zimbabwe malawi part kenya part tanzania mozambique burundi hutu in rwanda senegal angola benin gambia guinea conakry congo brazzaville part niger .So if you dont live in Africa and dont know history you wouldnt know.I heard another man saying South Africans are canaanites.Well they Canaanites were destroyed in Sodom and gomorrah.You see when Europeans colonised Africa they knew exactly the above people.The Bantu Congo are Negroes.Its all in the genes certain black tribes in Central Africa have European dna RB1.Most hamitic tribes are nomadic hunters and dont live in cities or dress like westerners.They pierce their skin and their tradition is different from semitic tribe.

    1. I agree with you. I am a Marachi a subtribe of the Luhya branch of Bantus. From what I see and know we don’t look like the Nilotes except for a few like the luo but our language is different from the Nilotes so is our culture. For example one can confuse a luo to be of the Bantu but in their culture They don’t practice circumcision which all the Bantu tribes in Kenya do circumsizes. All of the Nilotic people in Kenya practised and some still do normadic Pastrolism unlike Bantus who practise mainly crop farming and some few mixed farming. The words in Bantu languages in Kenya many end with a vowel of a, e, I, o, u while you can find a Nilotic languages end with sounds like /t/ .The Cushitic people can easily be identified as many of them like the Botanical, Rendile, Somali do not have thick noses but they tend to look like that of the white man and most of them are some how more light skinned and thin and they too practice Normadic pastrolime. There are 47 languages in Kenya most of which are Bantu and Nilotic few are Cusgitic. There is a great difference and we too know we are not Ham descendants.

      1. This is excellent information. Can you please tell us more about the tribes in africa. What other tribes do you know to be ham? Are they all distinct looking from shemetic or do some look like you?

    2. I don’t see how E1b1a is hebrew Israelite and E1b1b is Ham… ti’s the same group. They just split or someone gave them a different letter. Same lineage.

  2. CECIL JOHN RHODES was a JESUIT FREEMASON ILLUMINATI British In 1886 the Vatican Jesuit Berlin Conference was held in Berlin Germany.The Pope of Rome gave order to colonise Africa which the Europeans called scramble for Africa.The Vatican Crown Corporation of London wanted to takeover the world resources further enslave Africa and steal resources.They had already founded the Crown colonies of America Canada australia India hong kong etc.They divided Africa like a piece of cake between countries to hide the real power the Jewish bankers Black nobility royals families and Vatican Jesuits.In their campaign they would bring gifts christianity and then armies afterwards.The british Cecil john rhodes came straight to the area we call Zimbabwe today .The was no countries before the Europeans came.There were rival tribes in this area the Shona and Ndebele.The latter split from the Zulu tribe.Therefore Rhodes had done his research and knew rivalry between the two.He went to the Ndebele king lobengula and beought him gifts.He gace them whisky guns and all they need.There was gold and diamonds bracelets chains etc.He sent people baxk to England to report.He brought Christian priests sayinv they came in peace.After a few months he wrote a deal and lied to the king to sign. He couldnt read English therefore signed AWAY THE COUNTRY TO RHODES.They attacked the peaceful hardqorking Shona people and enslaved them to dig gold.They brought reinforcements armies from Britain and eztablished their first british colony.Rhodes named it under his name Rhodesia.The Dutch had fled to the area we call south africa today .They fled Europe from the inquisition war on them by catholic jesuits.They were protestant christians and enemies of catholic britain france italy etc.Rhodes started the British South Africa Company.Zimbabwe was a company just as india.Rhodes and his friend Jameson raided the area and establish a colony in Cape town next to the dutch.The dutch hated the british because they were linked ti their enemy their eneny Rome.Instead of the dutch thanking the khoisan hamites and xhosa zulu israelites they fought and enslaved them.The british worked people for no money slavery in mines.If you read Cecil Rhodes wiki you will find out he raped israelite black kids and threw them Off cliffs.He was a freemason and he put an obelisk or phallic symbol at fort salisbury.He then took over all countries from South africa at bottom to egypt.Millions of white people ruahed into Africa to get rich.Black people were segregated and lived in ghettos.When the dutch discocered diamonds in South Africa Cecil rhodes called soldiers from Australa canada britain etc to murder the dutch.The Anglo boer war was between the dutch and british.The British put dutch in concentration camps.After the war they agreed to form a government.The Jewish bankers were behind this invasion.The Oppenheimer jewish family was set to south africa.They started the Anglo american conpany.Rhodes started Standard chartered bank and de beers diamond mines.This became the biggest diamond supplier ever.Through slavery if local blacks they made billions.They send th diamonds to london and profits to london stock exchange.They brought chinese and indian people to Africa to start their Racial idea.White were superior followed by Indians Chinese blacks.THEY LEFT THE KHOISAN HAMITIC PEOPLE ALONE AND WORKED ISRAELITES IN MINES.Rhides hated black people bexause he knew he was ESAU in bible.He bulit a lot in Britain at Oxford a Jesuit university and started the FREEMASON RHODES SCHOLAR TO FUND OTHER FREEMASONS EG GW BUSH CLINTON ETC.The money made from stealing slavery and diamonds still fund edomites in America Britain etc.He said i will make a name for the ENGLISH and he is the most notorius cruel satanic EDOMITE next to his cousin KING LEOPOLD OF BELGIUM who cut peoples hands in CONGO RUBBER PLANTATIONS.All these Edomites were VATICAN KNIGHTS OF MALTA and black people still follow CHURCH instead of laws statutes commandments

    1. they forced people into Christian ity by making them to think their cultural customs to be satanic.When read about the customs of the Bantu there are some similarity with the Torah
      but not all.

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