Information that will ‘fill in a lot the gaps’ is being hidden in the Vatican, to attempt to cover up our identity,  The person of Christ (the fact that was a jet black man with afro hair) and other important information . Fortunately for us, the Most High is our Power and he has been waking up his people without the need for us to access these important records. Nevertheless, the Vatican have no rights over our records and yet continue to do the will of master Satan by lying to World and keeping them hidden.

I believe that the lost books of the Bible, currently reside at the Vatican and reveal pertinent information that would completely floor and destroy  Pagan Christianity and also more blatantly spell out who the people of the Bible are; although the Bible as it currently stands does this, its a possibility that books spell it out for certain.
The other nations worked so hard to hide our identity from us, it was only through the mercy of the Most High AHAYAH through his son Yashaya (AKA JESUS), that we woke up out of our spell.

The video is interesting as the presenter tells us that the VATICAN is hiding stuff but  they go off into UFO’s and Mary Magdalene (another white rabbit/false lead).. but its worth a watch.

The Vatican are also hiding secrets about their relationships with fallen angels and their technology. Hence the nod towards UFO’s, which is mentioned in the video.

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    1. Yes this is because our people just go to church and think that it.The Vatican means serpent dwelling and Rome former name is Saturnia.When roman general destroyed jerusalem in 70AD they took all the biblical scrolls .After the invasion of the roman empire by the edomite germanic tribes Rome split into 2 Western roman empire and byzantine.Therefore Constantine started Christianity sun worship paganism mixed with new testament.teachings.Dont forget prior to this paul barnabas peter preached the gispel to the edomite gentiles Acts 23:11The disciples were first called christians at antioch.The white greeks at antioch worshipped the goddess arteimis their form of babylonian semiramis.But when Ptolemy ruled in egypt he started another worship Serapis Christus.Zeus christus was worshipped by greeks and every if their leader was called christus or christ.So they thought the messiah Yahshua was Zeus christus.Constantine was a sun worshipper and murdered his son and wife.In order to gain control of the crumbling empire he became the leader pope in constantunople 325AD.But he used his motto IN HOC SIGNO VINCES meaning in the Cross we will.conquer.The edomite people of the roman empire or europe were celtic germanic.romance slavic people.The celts were high sorcerers druids in roman brittania britain roman gaul france belgium switzerland and germanic tribe were pagans as well.In 325AD Constantine called Council of Nicea to decide whats acceptable and not acceptable to Christianity.Babylonian practises still continued till today including sun worship sunday easter christmas formerly saturnalia.They decided to remove apocrypha because Christ had to be white for.people to accept him.The story of christ was similar to their beliefs.Mother son worship nimrod semiramis isis horus diana mithra and cross tammuz ressurection nimrod tammuz jesus sun god.Idolatry continue today.The vatican hid the life of black hebrews during renaissance 1400.This time Jesuit Borgia family hired artists to paint white images of Caesar borgia a homosexual poisoner idolater.Therefore the Jesuit started theology only to teach white missionaries to preach their form of Yahshua named.Jesus during colonialism and slave trade and their army Jesuits secretly conquered countries.Esau europe had guns and advanced weaponry and people thought their God jesus is powerful god that gave them weapons which.can kill quick.The priests spread Christianity and israelites and conquered nations subdued.They are hiding all history and dont firget they stole the history of every nation during colonialism and brought everything to Europe

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