1. This is very concerning and needs the MOST HIGH s intervention.We know that only the so called aborigines who are israelites from the tribe of reuben lived in this part of the world.During the middle ages the British sent Captain James Cook to explore the far east.The British East india Company were operating trading DRUGS OPIUM to China.They enslaved Indians to cultivate opium and trade it to China.They were many addicts in China.They caused a war with China as they would not afford to buy tea with silver.The also was a drug and alcohol problem and extreme poverty in Britain.Many people moved to cities but worked in dangerous conditions and xhild labour.Yes this WORLD EMPIRE WAS BUILT THROUGH SLAVERY DRUGS EXPLOITATION PLUNDER MURDER ETC.After Captain James Cook returned from Australia the British Press lied that James cook discovered it.Meanwhile in Britain JAILS WERE FULL.THE CONVICTS WERE SHIPPED TO THIS NEW COLONY THEY NAMED AUSTRALIA.ALL CRIMINALS WERE SENT THERE TO START BUILDING THE BRITISH EMPIRE OR VATICAN CROWN COLONY.The Aborigines first refused to be part of this.The White edomites in Crown colonies Australia New zealand are English irish scottish descent and this country is part of British Commonwealth .Knights of Malta head Queen Elizabeth is head of Australia.They hate JACOB and promote lies they call British israel to lie.THE SATANIC MEROVINGIAN BLOODLINE IS ESAU WHEN HE MARRIED TWO HORITE WOMEN NEPHILIM.ALL EUROPEAN ROYALTY INTERMARRY TO KEEP THE SERPENT BLOODLINE.HEAR OH ISRAEL OUR LORD IS ONE

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