Video: Commentary: Building Space Weapons for the Russian Threat, and then the Terrorists, then Asteroids and then Finally ET’s..

NASA Space weaponry has already been built, but the excuses that have been put out are untrue and/or ALL false flags.

Space weaponry is and was and still is being funded by YOU under the guise of ‘protection for the planet’. When this is not the case.

The real reason why Space weaponry is being built is because they know who is coming out of the SKY to destory the wicked, to purge the earth of its uncleanliness and to restore the rightful people back in power.
They will tell you however, that Christ YASHAYA is an ALIEN and that he can’t be the MESSIAH, because he doesn’t look like this:


or like this


or like this :the-bible-jesus

Instead he will be as he is described in the bible. A Black Man with White Afro Hair. That will be your alien invasion…. a black man with 10’000’s of his black angels /saints.


Films have been specifically created by Hollywood based on ‘Alien Invasions’, for a reason. This is to indoctrinate the people into believing that the beings that will crack through the atmosphere are ‘hostile’ and ‘evil’ and they must be fought against in order to protect the planet. But know this, you WILL be fighting against the MESSIAH and his Angels and Saints (The Israelites) and you will not win. So its up to you not to be ‘deceived ‘ and to ensure you have repented before this is about to happen so that you are on the right side – whether you are an ISRAELITE or an GENTILE / Heathen (anyone who is not an Israelite).

Watch the video for proof of their plans.


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