The Unbreakable Glass Ceiling” on YouTube

There is no space travel as the Most High is not allowing anyone to break the atmosphere.
Many have tried to escape but to no avail. All will be judged.
The tower of babel was man’s first attempt to rebel against the Most High Ahayah and to crack the atmosphere but failed. You can read more in depth about this in the book of Jasher.
The reason why man wants to get off the planet is to escape their fate. The current rulers of this world want do not want their Kingdom to end and one of their plans is to destroy this earth and exit to another. Satan has put this lie into the minds that another place exist where they can rule with him.
This is one of many plans they have devised so that they may never have to serve or take their punishment in the Lake of fire.
This is just the basic. I’ll be writing more about this at a later stage. 

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