Earth is not a Sphere

How can the earth be a sphere when noone knows how big it is?? Surely you’d be able to measure it? If it’s a big ball and we have measuring capabilities then surely we’d know. However according to our creator No-one knows!

This is the Most High putting a series of questions to Job about the earth. He can’t answer them and neither can any man! The questions that cannot be answered  show us (man) how inferior we are and show us (man) whose in charge or who is the author / and creator of all.

Job 38:18
Hast thou perceived the breadth of the earth? <<< declare if thou knowest it all.


  1. Haha can you prove that those figures are correct ? Did you know him personally? I’m confused, humour me here. Some guy you’ve never met before tells you he’s measured the earth and you then tell me your baffled because I don’t believe it?
    Wake up Love

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