NASA use Composite Images to Lie about what Earth looks like

A composite Image is a picture that is made from the combination of multiple images merged into a single surface.

This is NOT what earth looks like.


How do you reconcile your view of the ball earth spinning through space with the fact that in many places in the bible, The most high tells us the earth has foundations, is fixed, immovable, that it has edges, ends and corners, and east is as far from west as it is possible to be?

Tell me how ‘every eye’ will see Yashaya aka Jesus  when He returns in glory? How satan showed Him ALL the kingdoms of the world from a very high mountain if half of the ‘globe’ is unseen? ( copied from a quote).

isaiah knows the difference between a ball (22:18) and a circle (40:22) kjv.


      1. PILGRIM…I wouldn’t worry at all about what infantile ignorants are spewing out these days. Your uploads are very well done and of great importance, and together we make history, that’s how it’s always been. Only when God Himself enters this world realm again will this be over for our part, but not so for the trolls and all the other atheistic retards out there, they have chosen not to receive forgiveness and not to believe His words, and will get what they truly deserve(we all do, that’s why we thank Jesus for what He did for us, for being our Saviour). When they die, they will get a very different treatment than what they hope for, and let’s be honest, it’s not exactly a big secret or like we didn’t share all information we have regarding what to expect after leaving our mortal body. God bless.
        PS: I added a link to a website that looks ok, but it’s not mine and I haven’t really studied it, but it seems good thus far and I hope it is. Cheers.

      2. Hey thank you so much, I get so much Abuse from people on here it’s ridiculous but you are right. Thank you for the encouragement 🙂 the most high bless you and keep you

  1. Great up, thanks. I suspect the trolls are having a great time, at least until they are caught red-handed in real life and no longer can hide behind the screens, but will have to face people eye to eye. That’s when their real weakminded spineless inner creatures start sobbing instead of spewing out big words they never can defend in any real-life situation…

  2. thereisnogod – how sad and brainwashed are you. I will give you some more…..we have never been to the moon, we have never been in space, there is no such thing as an emp, nukes don’t exist, ICBM’s are a myth, God rules. And I will tell you what the bible says, it says that God has turned his face from Israel for 2000 years because they killed his son, that face is slowly being turned back again. People like you who do not repent won’t be around for long, but from how you come across, I don’t think you will be missed.
    I have a question for you thereisnogod, how did we get here? You wont be able to answer, you will say “I don’t know” or you might say “evolution” which is a joke. You do not know and yet you dismiss the being that created you. We need God, and you are totally blind because you do not see it. There is no point in living if God doesn’t exist, you wont understand that though because you are of this earth, you belong here, or at least that is how you come across.

  3. Okay, sorry for coming off as rude, I was mad at the time.

    You keep making these crazy claims like saying that nukes dont exist or we’ve never been on the moon. But you have zero evidence to back them. YOU are the one being brainwashed into living in ur own wacko world where the government hides aliens from us. I have a question, can u prove any of ur claims? No you cant. Wanna know how we know those things exist? The fact that things like nukes and emps are made using science. They can be CALCULATED (given u understand them).

    Like i said, your only evidence for a god is the bible, which you dont even know who

    I dont know how the universe came to be, But does that automatically mean God created it? NO! People believe in evolution because its the most logical explanation, and the overwhelming amount of evidence supporting it. (ie vestigial organs, junk DNA, etc). Your evidence for God? A fucking book… Does Voldemort exist since he was in Harry Potter? Do you even understand how evolution works?

    The point of living? Not sure.. i think we live in order to have children to pass down genes and continue the species. Its our natural instinct.

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