Clones – Crisis Actors, Celebrities, Politicians – Created to bring about the New World Order

People don’t understand that Clones are being used to bring forth the New World Order.
They are being used to incite hate, fear and confusion which in turn leads to premature death which is what Satan wants.
Clones can be (but not all) lack a human spirit  and so are capable of doing exactly what they have been programmed to do..even killing themselves to suit an agenda.

The rabbit hole is very deep on this one, we’re talking Clone ‘victims’  being used to fuel the race war agenda  (Sandra Bland) to clones being used as Crisis actors (Bacalan). How can you prove it 100 per cent ? Not possible at the moment..its just one of those things that you’ve been given eyes to see. I don’t think you even begin to understand how deep the deception is without belief in a higher Power for a start.

I saw a cloned/synthetic  black man on the news Today..(a former marine) they are not hiding it anymore.  It’s easy to spot once you know what to look for.

Please see this website for more information about Clones.
And please do leave a comment if you have more information


  1. This is true there is a structure which has been set since 1814 when the Jesuits were restored to power in the Vatican.They had been operating under the name illuminati since 1776.After the french revolution and establishment of Banking system they needed to draw resources and enslave the whole world .After taking over Usa they needed to destroy all native leaders and introduce government ruled by the European royals the colonizers.The Vatican pope had chose all leaders in Europe since crowning Charlamagne as holy roman emperor in 800AD.The European royals were introduced to Christianity a roman cult of saturn we follow today.After the crusades the Vatican owned most lands in Europe because of Feudalism which was used to steal land from the people.After putting a democratic government secretly ruled by them in France after the illuminati Jacobin revolution they needed to install puppets in lands they conquered.The motto now used by the US government of Liberty Fraternity Equality was used in France.The pope called for the takeover of the whole world by the Europeans at Berlin conference and other treaties.The first US presidents like Jefferson were freemasons in Paris France before.Roman Jesuits order had taken control of England and set up the banking system.William of orange a dutchman took control of Britain after the removal of english king who ran to france.After appointing jewish khazar as bankers and keepers of the Vatican treasure the Jesuits now needed to put a bank in every country.The Venetian and Genoese bankers started international banking in italy in 1300s.The Bardi family and Medici family .The Borgia Medici Orsini Pavallicini Gaetani Colonna Farnese breakspear and other roman families are the real illuminati.They were known as the Alumbrados or enlightened ones before 1500s.The war of the guelphs and ghibellines was instrumental in the alliance between the pope and the European royals.Frederich holy roman emperor ghibellines against the guelphs house of queen elizabeth .The knight templar wealth which belonged to the popewas enormous and house of guelph(britain) house of braganza(portugal) house of benadotte(sweden) house of savoy (italy) house of hanover(germany) etc joined together with the families above to start the illuminati.After taking over countries they put white freemasons to rule for them.In Usa the jesuits caused the American civil war to unite nirth and south.Usa or little rome became a corporation of Vatican just like any other countries.The Roman republic system of republic and democrat or hegelian dialect was implemented.The eagle a symbol of lucifer used by Rome Greece Egypt Persia symbol of Horus sungod.The jewish Rothschilds family was given the task of controlling the banks in Europe for the black pope.The Jesuit order formed under pope Alexander Farnese papal bull Regimi Militia Ecclessia as a military wing of the Roman Catholic Church.Rothschilds five sons started banks in Germany Italy Britain Austria Spain.During Lincoln and Andrew Jackson rule in Usa the Jesuits ordered for the control of Us finances.Both were killed for resisting and finally the Vatican send knights of malta bankers J P Morgan Jacob Schiff Paul Warburg Schroeder to form the federal reserve bank a private company owned by the Vatican.Im every country the Knghts of Malta or pope knights controlle banking money religion commerce military corporations media governments laws and policies.The Jesuits own most renowned universities .Ignatius loyola and Diego lainez and Francis Borgia are pictured with skull and bones and wear black started the Jesuit order not jews.The sun logo has the symbol IHS which is ISIS HORUS SET

  2. The popes knights of malta knights of st john knights of columbus knights of sedes sacronum.This is how the world leaders are controlled from ROME.The Jesuits control all world renound colleges like Oxford Yale Geogetown Princeton london college of Economics etc.There is secret societies in these institutions such as Skull and bones at Yale University.The Bush family and most American leaders were educated there.The Builingdon club at Oxford were knights of malta Tony Blair was part of etc.So every leader in every country is not against another country its a lie.They are all advancing theNew World Order and are chosen already by the Illuminati a front organisation of the Roman Jesuits.Freemasonry is practised by all leaders.Nimrod a renowned freemason built cities in akkad erech calneh and setup lodges same as today.The Jesuit priests wrote the protocols of the elders of zion and all ideology nazism communism socialism capitalism all isms to choose leaders to change a system in any country they want.In 1871 Albert Pike a member of the Christian knights of the ku klux klan and Scottish Rite freemason wrote a letter to Guiseppe Mazzini about three world wars.The Black pope of the Jesuits controls Fbi Cia Mi5 fbs mossad all world intelligence NATO all military of Europe Usa Australia Canada and fremasonry etc.All world leaders are the pope knights who is Pontifex Maximus of the Roman World Empire.The Vatican meaning divining serpent rules the World from 3 states Rome Spiritual centre London Financial centre and Washington dc military centre.The Usa a hatlot of Rome and was made as a tool to hunt mens souls.The American dream ponography vice gambling wars starts there.The Freemasons setup interdimensional sorcery in Washington DC Rome and London using pentagrams obelisks street geometry domes etc aligned to the stars Sirius Pleaides Orion Saturn etc.Ephesians 6 12.For we wrestled not against flesh and blood but against powers principalities and spiritual wickedness in higher places.The cult of Saturn or society of Jesus are babylonian sorcerers and Christianity is saturn worship.The sun depicted on White Jesus is a symbol of tge Antichrist Apollyon or Jesus sungod who is Horus in Egypt Tammuz in Babylon Bel in Assyria Mithra in Persia Jupiter in Rome etc.So when you go voting next time think all leaders are just actors putting in place orders from Rome.Daniel 7:7 And i saw a beast rise out of the sea and had 10 horns and was terrible and dreadful .Esau is the end of the World and Jacob is next so dont waste your energies on this empire its for the Edomites

  3. This is all true. I had no idea but the Holy Spirit has been revealing it all to me and God wants freedom for clones. He is calling his people to action.

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