Freemasonry is about trying to escape the Dome Earth


Masonic symbology suggests that they know we live within an enclosed world yet seek ways to escape by becoming the master builders / the master architects.

The first attempted this at the tower of babel, then they tried rockets and now they have CERN which will attempt to open up portals for them “escape”. The same people behind the Tower of Babel are the same people behind CERN. The brotherhood of Freemasons – the Scottish Rite.

The Compass/ Square.

The SQUARE is an instrument adapted for plane surfaces only, and therefore appropriate to Geometry, or measurement of the Earth, which appears to be, and was by the Ancients supposed to be, a plane. The COMPASS is an instrument that has relation to spheres and spherical surfaces, and is adapted to spherical trigonometry, or that branch of mathematics which deals with the Heavens and the orbits of the planetary bodies.

Until approximately five hundred years, people thought that the earth and the sky (The Heavens) had different shapes. It was thought that the earth was flat. Not only was it thought to be flat, but it was also thought to be a four-sided square. The sky, on the other hand, was thought to be a dome because stars and moons travel in curved tracks. All domes have a circular shape. Therefore, the four-sided square and the circle were the primary shapes to describe the earth and the Heavens.

Two different instruments are needed to trace the primary shapes of heaven and earth. To trace a four-sided square, a square may be used. The compass is needed to trace a circle. The square and compass are the implements needed to trace the representative shapes of heaven and earth. In this sense, the square and compass have come to represent the earth and the heavens. In Masonry, the compass is always placed above the square. The position of the square and the compass in Masonry is representative of the heavens above and the earth beneath us.





The Dome Earth is depicted here



  1. The crusades in the 10th century were to find ancient knowledge of fallen angels.The pope Callixtus a khazar jew and his knights templars dug underneath solomon temple and sites in Egypt etc and found knowledge hence the birth of Freemasonry.THOTH who incarnated 20 times taught all this ancient wisdom and left secrets in the sphinx and kings chamber.The Great architect of the universe Lucifer plan to bring a golden age once again with high technology one religion one government false messiah tyranny eugenics etc.Egypt is key to all secrets alchemy magic etc.Freemasonry itself is a plan formulated by Satan and the fallen angels when they were cast down and fell for human women and had children nephilim genesis 6.Satan or Chronos was the king of the advanced civilisation of Atlantis during the Golden Age.The ultimate goal of Satan and the fallen angels is to ascend back to the dimension where they were and rule.In isaiah it says how art have thy fallen o lucifer thy did weaken the nations thou has said in thy hearts i will ascend into heaven ill be like the most high.After the flood thoth tehuti or hermes visited Egypt or Khemet.He wrote the Emerald tablets and the sons of HAM chemistry maths geometry metallurgy science astronomy astrology etc.A secret society was started to use symbols only known to the initiate when communicating.Every thing God made is made up of geometry.In the book of enoch some fallen angels are bound here on earth like azazel.They need human assistance to fight before their judgement and they need technology.This is what freemasonry aims to achieve.This is why the Sumerians Egyptians and Babylonians were taught.The plan is NOVUS ORDO SECLORUM a New World Order of the Ages.On the medal you see the double eagle of lagash or phoenix a symbol of lucifer rising from the ashes.Obadiah vision about EDOM thou exalt thyself as the eagle and set thy nest amongst the stars.The eagle is a symbol of horus and apollyon Zeus son the destroyer.Zeus eagle is aquila and this is a symbol of all empires Egypt Babylon Assyria Persia Greece Rome Holy Roman Empire Usa Germany Russia etc.The eagle is satan symbol the prince of the air in the bible.This is why NASA was formed by US government under the black pope if JESUITS.The G stands for GATE OR STARGATE although they say it stands for god.This is asymbol of the scottish rite of freemasonry under the JESUIT ORDER.The VATICAN has all the secrets of the World and controls ua.The eagle of lagash a symbol of BAAL..He started the mystery schools of ancient Egypt.Khem became an advanced civilisation with reading religion etc.The Egyptian priests wore aprons like the masons wear.In babylon Nimrod also was one who knew the secrets and the pyramids and tower of babel was aligned to the pleaides orion sirius saturn jupiter etc.The energies from these affected consciousness of the initiates to travel to other dimensions before the flood.In the masonic lodge there is two pillars named jachin and boaz so as in solomon temple.The sun a symbol of enlightment from the star of RA or blazing star SIRIUS .The Egyptian God Amun RA .The eye of RA or horus the Egyptian messiah or Tammuz baal the babylonian messiah.The cheque board floor resembles duality good and evil.The square and compass is asex symbol as well it makes a hexagram which is a symbol of saturn or the black sun.The earth is a prison at the moment and has a net placed after the wars in heavens and its a lie about space travel .

    1. There is no net over the Earth its Greed that keeps souls here.The star gate runs like the snake and takes you through to Aquila where judgement is waiting i know this as fact i have been there.

  2. Hermes or THOTH a man of knowledge taught that AS ABOVE SO BELOW.The compass draws circles and planets above.The square is 4 sides below.A circle inside a square is a soul trapped in the body square.So in genesis the serpent says ye are gods.So freemasons believe the soul can live forever without reincarnating over and over by what they call enlightment all this they got from ancient Egypt and Chinese buddists etc.They dont believe in our messiah Yahshua but in lucifer their god.So they believed in the ascending of the soul through stargates which is what happened at babel.Nimrod tower was about being trapped here.Look at the UN logo it has a net on it gridlines showing us that space travel is a lie.Freemasonry is high level witchcraft and fallen angels and demons communicate with them through rituals.Sacred geometry rituals using hexagrams pentagrams etc is used in wars etc in exchange for technology.During Pope Pius XII world war 11 Hitler a jesuit under the Vatican knights of the black sun aka SATURN placed a pentagram and a inside it.They sacrificed the inmates to moloch or baal by burning them.The swastika is asymbol of BAAL or Saturn as at the Roman temple of Jupiter at Baalbek.These sacrifices is an exchange for technology as what doctor john dee queen elizabeth tudor son.

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