The Imps and Sprites of Demonic Realms


On the next blog, I was going to clarify and explain the meaning behind mystical creatures that we believe only exist in fairytales or the latest fantasy book or movie. These mystical creatures are actually evil spirits that have their own special gifts and talents of evil but are governed by the demonic princes and ruling demons in the spiritual realms. No, they are not harmless happy entities that bring magic, pots of gold, rainbows, and special treasures but evil scouts doing the bidding of their unholy Master, Lucifer aka Satan aka The Fallen Angel. Let’s break down the true being of a fairy. A real fairy from Satan isn’t small nor does it have wings sprinkling magic and special powers like Tinkerbell. A real fairy looks more like a gargoyle that can be the size of a Labrador dog that walks on two legs and special powers of bringing…

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