Transvestism across the Entertainment Industry. Most personalities are Men.

​The entertainment industry is full of men pretending to be women, it’s absolute saturated.  I’ve learnt how to tell almost immediately. I know people say there are more important things to be concerned about and certainly that’s true but I found something interesting that  I want to share. 
‘Travesti (literally “disguised”) is a theatrical term referring to the portrayal of a character in an opera, play, or ballet by a performer of the opposite sex. Some sources regard ‘travesti’ as an Italian term…’
travesty (ˈtrævɪstɪ)

n, pl -ties

a farcical or grotesque imitation; mockery; parody

vb, -ties, -tying or -tied

(tr) to make or be a travesty of

[C17: from French travesti disguised, from travestir to disguise, from Italian travestire, from tra- trans- + vestire to clothe]
There has always been a history of men playing women roles (see Shakespeare). Since Theatre came first  then it stands to reason that this tradition would transfer to Television and entertainment, so its  nothing new at all (nothing is ever new). So to those naysayers who say it’s not true, you’re absolutely wrong. It’s absolutely rife , across programs, films, TV, sports , reality TV and the music industry, they just don’t tell us. Well actually they do, because the information is there for us to see we just aren’t paying attention. Be careful who you are lusting after, in fact don’t do it at all.

Proverbs 6:25

“Lust not after her beauty in thine heart; neither let her take thee with her eyelids.”


  1. Very true. I can tell almost immediately too. Some haven’t even removed their Adam’s apple yet. These men portray women in your reality shows, sports industry, movies, etc. It’s getting crazy!

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