Cave of Treasures confirms we Live in a DOME

The guardian angel of every man belongs to this last class. The number of each class of angels is equal to the number of all mankind from Adam to the Resurrection. The heaven in which the angels live is above the waters, which are above the firmament, and they minister to their God there, being invisible to bodily eyes. The angels are not self-existent beings–they were created; on the other hand, darkness is a self-existent nature (or substance). 
[The Creation. Second Day.]

And on the Second Day God made the Lower Heaven, and called it REKÎ`A [that is to say, “what is sold and fixed,” or “firmament”]. This He did that He might make known that the Lower Heaven doth not possess the nature of the heaven which is above it, and that it is different in appearance from that heaven which is above it, for the heaven above it is of fire. And that second heaven is NÛHRÂ (i.e. Light), and this lower heaven is DARPÎTÎÔN [Fol. 4a, col. 1], and because it hath the dense nature of water p. 47 it hath been called “Rekî`a.” And on the Second Day God made a separation between the waters and the waters, that is to say, between the waters which were above [Rekî`a] and the waters which were below. And the ascent of these waters which were above heaven took place on the Second Day, and they were like unto a dense black cloud of thick darkness. Thus were they raised up there, and they mounted up, and behold, they stand above the Rekî`a in the air; and they do not spread, and they make no motion to any side


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