1. sorry, but no.

    Messiah was not black.
    his head and hairs where white like wool, not woolly. This verse has nothing to do this the texture of his hair but with the color of his hair.
    his eyes were like a flame of fire: the only eye color shared with the color of fire is blue.
    his skin was like unto fine brass when burned in a furnace; when you put fine brass or and precious metal into a furnace it does not turn black, it glows brilliantly and brightly.
    Messiah was a descendant of king David who was hated by Goliath because of his fair skin (fair countenance) and and rosy face(ruddy) which are signs of youthfulness and good health.
    davids son Solomon had blue eyes.
    David and Messiah were descendants of Adam who’s name literally means “to show blood in the face” “to be ruddy” “fair countenance”. you can try and twist ruddy to mean ruddy brown but you cannot twist around the scriptures to prove that dark skinned peoples can blush or show blood in their face nor can you twist “Fair countenance” to mean dark skinned.

    All peoples from from Adam are fair skinned they are described this way over and over and only the fair skinned peoples of earth have fulfilled the prophesies of Israel: Only fair skinned peoples have become great nations, kings have only come from the loins of fair skinned peoples.
    while the beasts of the earth(dark skinned peoples) had no knowledge of the wheel, of fire, of any tool or weapon made to last more than one use, of agriculture, of written language, of any social system forbidding cannibalism, rape, etc. fair skinned peoples had built the greatest civilizations on earth and strong ships to conquer the ocean and the lands beyond, had established the arts and sciences, and were seen as the local dark skinned peoples they found all over the earth as the blue eyed gods, the white gods, etc.

    Messiah was fair skinned had blonde hair and blue eyes.
    he was not a dark skinned beast of the earth and he was not a mongrel jew, he was an Adamic man.

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