The Baphomet Agenda and Transgenders 

​Quick basic ABC of the Baphomet Agenda and Transgenders
When you look at this image, you’ll see that this Demon,  has Solve et Coagula written on his forearms which is Latin for Solution and Coagulation. On a scientific level, it means that something is broken down into it’s smallest components to produce the solution, the solution is then cleansed of any impurities, and then reassembled (coagulation) into a more useful substance.
Satans aim is to break down the ordained image of the  Male and Female, contaminate them and produce his own image, which is that of a transgender / hybrid souless being, which is both woman and man animated by a demon ( the goats head).
It’s common knowledge that the Elite, Hollywood, the music industry, the pharmaceutical industry and other interconnected entities and corporations worship the Baphomet, AKA the devil/the serpent/the deceiver/masonic order – Famous people like Kanye, Lady Gaga, Kylie, Beyonce, Bush, Obama openly salute the Baphomet, by their clothing, backdrops to their videos, handsigns , statues, jewelry and so on…
So then it’s no surprise to see those same people becoming like the Baphomet , transgender , souless and so on.
On a lower level you got boys and men castrating themselves wearing skinny tights humiliating themselves and thinking it’s ok to dress like a girl.. men walking around with breasts and hips because of the amount of hormones in food… and then you have females acting like Men, aggressive, and so on…
This is not a hate post about people who want to be the opposite sex but facts about where this originates from and why it’s being pushed so much . Transgenderism is about worshipping Satan and defying The order of the Most High, it isn’t anything less than that

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  1. With the rise of Trans rights and awareness, Bophomet is alive and kicking. For 50+ years we have watched as he has gotten stronger as we who believe have gotten weaker. So slow that it is hard to see, we started down this slippery path with Jorgenson in the 1950’s, now they complain if a man is not attracted to them or desire them. Things are going to get much worse before they get better.

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