Elite Transgenderism

Female to Male Transgender is much harder to detect in Hollywood/Entertainment/Music/Politics/Finance/Education because its easier to transform into a male from a original female form to a male form.

Please note,I am not refering to the transgender people who are open about what they do. I am refering too the parents who sacrifice their children to Molech by transgendering them.. For males that castration (castratros) / drugs and enhancements for females its genital mutliation/drugs plus enhancements… in exchange for power, or money, fame, prestige, prominence.. People from all backgrounds do it… working class parents do it, especialy for the entertainment industry like soaps, and magazine shows..Stage schools are in the know about this too..PLease believe me I have sources who have confirmed this!

…and the Elite do it, as its generational and theyve always done it, since ancient times. all in all, its satanic worship, the worship of the Baphomet.

Why does it really matter??? Well this race of people govern our lives in every area.. if you knew they were deceitful, and knew they did what they did for their own selfish reasons to make you worship them/obey them/ and follow them, and you knew they did it because they worshipped SATAN then it it would easy for you to REPENT, and remove yourself their matrix of Lies.

MOST of the people in influencial positions across of ALL facets of society are TRANSGENDERED BEINGS. You just have to get to the point, to start believe that.

A Documentary detailing Elite Transgenderism


  1. Thank you 🙏🏾 for bringing out truth; I would like to follow you if you bring out more truth. I will pray for you and your ministry.


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