GPS systems from The Devils Own Bill Gates to track the Israelites to poison them with Vaccines

GIS Mapping & GPS Tracking for Polio in Nigeria

In order to deliver vaccines, immunization teams go door-to-door throughout the country, including settlements in remote, rural regions.

Digital Mapping in Polio Immunization Efforts

Before going into the field, these teams use a process called “microplanning” to determine where they need to go in order to deliver the polio vaccine.

Settlement Map

Before Geographic Information Systems (GIS) maps were made available through the mapping project, hand-drawn maps popularly known as “cartoon maps” were used to show the distribution of settlements. These maps were drawn from memory and not based on real geographical data.

Dundubus Hand Drawn Map

GIS combines satellites, mobile device and mapping software capabilities to capture, analyze and present data as legible and informative maps.

Vaccine Delivery Team Looks at Map

The imagery of states is downloaded and organized for local government area (LGA) and ward map creation.

Identifying Settlements in the Field

These maps make it possible to read distance and proximity with realistic placement of mapping features, to ensure that all settlements and hamlets are visited by vaccination teams, and the correct number and type of teams are deployed.

Map Showing Team Areas and Redrawn Boundaries

Phones are loaded with tracking software and the final settlement list before the vaccination teams are sent out in the field.

Phone with Data Collection App

These vaccination teams are using tracking devices in the field. The phones collect geo-location readings through GPS.

Vaccine Team Using Tracking Device

The data from the phones is then processed in the GIS lab.

Bag of Phones Returned for Uploading

Detailed analytics report tracking results for each settlement.

Dashboard Showing Tracking Results for Settlements

These results make it easy to identify which settlements were missed and need to be revisited.

Imagery Used to Identify Settlement Locations
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