The Pharisees and their Wicked Spirits

You dont see any examples of the pharisees laying hands AND healing anyone. Yet these were supposed to be teachers of law, guiding people into leading righteous lives which inevitably would lead to good health. Which obviously gives you a clear indication that they werent about setting people free from their afflictions and bondage to sin..

all they were interested in were

👉tradtions and protocols of men which wont save or heal or make you kingdom ready

👉 terrorising, mocking and targetting those who wanted to seek father through his son in spirit and in truth

👉 truly believing that they had already made it and not humble enough to learn that it was not so and that they needed Christ.

👉Wearing fancy clothes, enjoying titles, flossing in the market places, talking a lot, wanting adoration, taking the credit for law giving and demanding respect for effectively doing nothing, because if youre not getting people kingdom ready then you might aswell not bother.

👉attempting too monopolise the “truth” and “gatekeeping” information to prevent anyone from accessing the kingdom via Christ. Being offended if someone knew more then them or had a better understanding of the gospel and freedom

👉“Acting” (hyprocite actually means actor) or playing a role on behalf of Satans kingdom /The matrix whether they were truly concioius of it or not.

👉Critising others /groups in a manner that came across as they were more righteous

👉 Sinning behind closed doors but teaching the people not sin.

👉 Murderers of Christ and the ones who wanted to follow him

what u want to be doing is making sure you dont fall under this same spirit

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