Hidden Transgenders Who Rule the World

As I’ve said there third category of people who are transgendered from birth. They are assigned roles in society of influence, power and fame, in all aspects of society, from Politics to music, education to Law enforcement. This has been going on since the beginning of time when the fallen angels came down and “changed the orders” of things.

It’s very difficult to piece this tranny topic all together because the knowledge has been splintered and scattered across place so as to keep the masses confused. It’s like one getting several packets of jigsaw puzzles an throwing them all on the floor and then asking a baby to piece it all together.

This is why most people find this topic difficult to accept.
It’s only when you wake up and take the time to start putting those pieces together do you start to come into an understanding of what the hell is going.

Ultimately they think they are the priestly class or/and servants to the king (satan) with that takes sacrifice and the sacrifice is the removal of organs, transgendering, castration, mulltilation etc.
It’s all spiritual because it’s mockery of what the Most High set up with regards to priesthood. The earth is given to the hands of the wicked so anyone who claims they follow the scriptures shouldn’t be suprised or be fighting against this. You already know that Satan wanted to change the orders of things and that eve was deceived first (most men in power are actually transgendered females).
Every scene , every movement, every societal shift in thinking which wasn’t from the Most High is from the devil and is / was fronted by an imitated Transgendered “priest” with some exceptions thrown in as red herrings.

This is why we are called to detach ourselves from this world..be in it but not of it. If you are of this world you will be destroyed. There isn’t any part that isn’t under the control of Satan.

This is just one example.. one piece of the puzzle

The Sumerian creation myth, “The Creation of Man”, from circa 2000 BCE, lists a number of physically differing people created by the goddess Ninmah.[n 1] These included “the woman who cannot give birth” and “the one who has no male organ or female organ”, which have been regarded as being third gender or androgynous. Enki, the supreme god, is accepting of these people and assigns them roles in society as “naditu” (priestesses) and “girsequ” (servants to the king).[141] The Akkadian mythical epic Atrahasis contains another iteration of this story, in which Enki specifically requests that Nintu create a “third-category” of people that includes third-gender people, barren women, and an “infant-stealing demon”.[141][n 1]



  1. Please tell me more about enki, I was of the belief he created the humans as a slave race for the annunaki and we were to be destroyed by the flood but enki grew to love his created and saved us by giving instruction to Noah? That enlil hates us and wanted us dead and enlil came back down to earth when flood waters resided and now enlil rules the earth and has corrupted humans?

    1. Read the bible and the extra biblical books look me the book of Adam and Eve ,Jubilees and Jasher to get a full understanding of fallen angels and the creation humankind. You’ll also learn about a race of people are who part fallen angel who exist on earth today

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